Our core ministres include teaching and evangelism, worship, prayer and fellowship.

We also have ministries to address specific needs which currently include:

children mininstries


Our goal with our children's ministry is to engage them to understand the essential truths of God’s word, to love Him and to help them see why they need the Lord Jesus Christ.

Each week we use a variety of means to communicate the truths of God’s word to little hearts. This includes a multimedia presentation, activities such as crosswords and colouring-in, and a memory verse.

Our Sunday School class takes place during our Sunday morning service from 10am to 11am.


youth ministriesOur goal with our youth ministry is to make them into disciples of Christ and to teach them to obey what Christ has commanded us through the Holy scriptures. We aim to build up our youth inside the church so that they can reach youth and others outside of the church. 

We conduct studies with our youth on many different topics ranging from creation and the gospel of Jesus Christ, and how to defend ourselves and others from the deceptions that exist around us in this world such as the theory of evolution and other man-made religions. In doing this, our hope is that our youth would not be conformed to the thinking of this world, but be transformed by the renewal of their minds, that by testing they might discern what is good and acceptable (Romans 12:2). We are also training them to be part of our ministry of worship. Our youth also gather from time to time for social events outside of church hours. 

Our youth study group takes place every Sunday morning from 10am. Come and join us!  





The women from our church meet for Bible study, prayer and fellowship on Monday nights at 6pm.

This is a great opportunity for our women to study the bible together, pray for each other's needs, and enjoy sweet fellowship. They are currently studying the book of John. 




We partner with two ministries to support the advance of the gospel of Jesus Christ:

Operation Mobilization  - OM's role in the body of Christ is to motivate, develop and equip people for world evangelisation, and to strengthen and help plant churches, especially among the least reached.

From seed to trees- a ministry which seeks to plant the good news of the gospel in other countries, with a special focus on Moldova, Romania, Bellarus and Vietnam.